This is me

My stylistic focus:

I mainly work with acrylics on canvas and watercolour. I also incorporate decoupage painting techniques in my drawings, and in order to reveal and examine new patterns and textures I choose to work a lot with layer by layer that eventually turns into graphically striking images.

As a part of my creative process, I sometimes reuse older paintings, which I purchase from one of the many lovely second-hand stores located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to bring new life to older paintings, whilst also serving as a great source of inspiration.

I’m interested in new technology which has recently led me to working with digital imagery, and it is very fun and exciting to bring together my paintings and photographs into digital canvases.   

I find it to be extremely rewarding mixing different painting styles and techniques, as it oftentimes creates unexpected creative opportunities.

Painting has been my way of expressing myself for as long as I can remember. Applying for art school felt like a must for me. Growing up and spending my summers on northern Gotland, with its rugged nature made me develop a close kinship with the natural world, as well as serving as a continuing source of inspiration even today. It was also on Gotland, on the northern island called Fårö, where I had my first exhibition – small acrylics depicting the harsh landscapes of the island.

Painting for me is relaxing, a sort of mindfulness and at the same time very demanding and sometimes frustrating. So necessary…so great!    

Exhibitions: 2019 Galleri Movitz, Stockholm ”Fusion”
2018 Kaffebar, Stockholm ”nature take back”
2018 Usine, Stockholm ”All new”
2016 Café Mariaberget, Stockholm ”Retro”
2014 Galleri Ängel, Stockholm med Jenny Kazen
2013 Galleri Ängel, Stockholm ”In my mind”
2011 Galleri Ängel, Stockholm ”Kossor”
2010 Galleri Ängel, Stockholm ”Prinsessor”
2009 Galleri Ängel, Stockholm ”Prinsessor & hjärtan”
2008 Yoga Inuti, Stockholm ”Foton & hjärtan”
2000 Galleri Kåisa, Fårö ”Akvareller”